Marmaris is set in a stunning bay, its geography remarkably similar to that of the fjords, with pine-clad hills dropping steeply to the sea, jagged inlets and tiny rocky islets off the coast.Around Marmaris, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas offer countless coves, bays and beaches with the fantastic opportunity to moor on every other night.

The city has lost its traditional charm since the 80's since an irresistible booming real estate. Tourism is the main source of revenue and not much tradition could resist these developments.
In the center of the large city of Marmaris, the Old Town is the true Turkish side of the resort, with twisting streets leading to traditional restaurants, bazaars and mosques. There are great Ottoman buildings to the seen such as the Caravanserai inn and the castle of Suleyman which has a thorough collection of Ottoman archeological findings. This is the part of Marmaris which the tourists don't find, so thankfully it remains peaceful.

There are 3  marinas in Marmaris: Netsel marina which is close-by the city center, Yacht Marina on the opposite side of the bay, and Marti marina, few kilometers away.

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