Kusadasi, just like several other touristic cities of Turkey, has lost its traditions to wild development in real estate and hotel business. It must be said that Kusadasi has a lot on offer: top class restaurants, a number of aqua parks, high-starred hotels and beach bars.
Around the city, the natural scenery of open beaches lined with palm trees, blue waters and clear skies, and historical sites remain worth to be seen, be it preferably off the high season.
Setur Kusadası Marina is located in the heart of Aegean history and tourism. Ephesus, the house of Virgin mary, the church of St John, Artemission, Apollon Temple, Millet, Dydima and Priene antique sites are accepting thoushands of visitors everyday. Among the wide range of services and technical support provided the Marinas, are the private swimming area, swimming pool and tennis courts available within the marina.

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Kusadasi Setur marina


Kusadasi Setur Marina