The marina is situated in a natural harbour, named Gouvia Bay . Gouvia Marina was the first privately owned marina in Greece. She is fully organised, offering facilities and services of high standards. The total capacity is 1200 berths on both floating and permanent pontoons, with maximum overall Length 80m. There are also dry dock facilities for approximately 520 boats. Moorings are available for boats up to 80 meters long and with 6 meters draught and for period up to 20 years. Gouvia Marina operates all year round on a 24-hour basis.She is situated about 7 kilometres from the town of Corfu and the International Airport.

K&G Medmarinas is owning and operating the marina.

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For many years seamen considered the harbour and the bay of Gouvia a natural link between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea as well as a port of call, where they could sail in, to repose, enjoying the climate and the beauties of the island.short walk into the nearby town, where shops and restaurants are readily available. Corfu Town is a popular destination for holidaymakers, although its historic Old Town area is a fairly expensive place to look for accommodation.

Corfu's Gouvia marina