River cruising

A large choice available to you

Bareboat river boats, crewed hotel barges and fine cruise vessels are offered for charter on the world's most romantic and surprising rivers and canals.

Itineraries throughout the world

Cruising the large European rivers like the Rhine, the Main, the Moselle, the Seine, the Danube and the Po, is a journey of art, culture and lifestyle. Magnificent monuments, historical cities, picturesque palazzi, impressive romantic castles, chapels and cathedrals await you at virtually every turn of a river cruise. The Nile and the Yang Tse River are just a few major rivers, which are cruised by thousands of tourists. We like to offer you original itineraries and ships on the Irrawady, the Mekong or the Amazon... More recently, new itineraries were opened in America, Canada, South America.

Boats and ships for all  purpose

Recently, a number of special ships were built according to specific local conditions.  They are offering comfort and safety to their limited amount of passengers. We can also offer a suitable boat or ship for a given 'expedition-like' itinerary, an eco trip on a river where no cruising service is offered. On smaller rivers, we may offer you so called 'narrow boats' or small barges. You can even charter your own bareboat throughout France and Netherland, in Italy, in Germany, in Spain, in England and in Ireland.

From the utmost luxurious rivercruisers, to the sympathetic barges taking 2 or 4 passengers only, we can provide you with the suitable vessel. Be it an Egyptian 'felloukh', an ice-breaking postal ship or a narrow boat, we like to offer you the best available. You will find a few examples of vessels that we may provide you with. Just remember this is a non exhaustive list.
River boats, barges and other vessels for charter on rivers and canals