Crewed catamaran and trimaran


Due to twin hulls the catamarans lack of heel mean that the whole deck area is usable at sea, keeping the boat dry and secure. On a cruising catamaran one can enter the saloon through a sliding door and keeping an all round vision on the exterior. As a catamaran does not roll at anchor there is less need to visit increasingly expensive marinas, while its shallow draft and ability to dry out upright opens up many more cruising areas and peaceful anchorages. Most people prefer sailing along the coastline, so it seems sensible to have a boat that can safely sail close inshore.

... and speed

The idea of comfort cruising is probably more important to the cruising sailor than the fact that catamarans can sail fast. Speed is often overemphasised. Unlike monohulls which rely on a large crew for maximum performance and optimal service to the guests, a catamaran can be sailed to its full potential and guests can be served by a couple only.
A crewed multi hull sailing yacht offers comfort and speed