From a medieval village ....

Historically speaking Dubai began as a small fishing settlement. Around 1830 the settlement was taken over by a tribe led by the Maktoum family who still rule the Emirate today.

... to one of the most known cities in the world

Dubai has a long-standing trading tradition that has brought visitors from throughout the Middle East and neighbouring regions. Today you still can watch the traditonal 'dhows' ferrying between the main cities in the Persian Gulf.  But today Dubai plays host to an increasing number of visitors from the West and the Far East. The city attracts business people and tourists seeking something new and different.

Dubai offers excellent international facilities combined with the adventure of the Middle East.  Iti is an exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Dubai is also the undisputed "sports capital of the Middle East", hosting world class international events that attract some of the biggest names in their respective sports, whether in golf, tennis, horse racing, rallying powerboating, rugby, or sailing.

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